175 photos from Rally Acropolis 2011

Rally Acropolis 2011, the largest annual international racing event in Greece, a true “Rally of Gods” is now officially part of history, however memories will remain for a long time.

For all the duration of the rally, Xbody.gr was present in the Michelin Service Park in Loutraki, and now brings you 175 photos from this unforgettable event.

Here is an exclusive amazing helicopter view of the Loutraki area during the closing ceremony of the Rally:

Visit our Photo Galleries to check out all 175 photos from Rally Acropolis 2011!

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  1. Petro thanks for the great photos. :handgestures-thumbup:

    This topic is not cross-posted in the Xbody.gr forums, and is open to comments from our international visitors as well. :text-welcomewave:

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